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Vancouver Island by Night

I used to be really afraid of taking photos at night,¬† but the more I do it, the more I like it. It can seem very overwhelming – slow shutter speeds, low ISO, no vibration or movement, whether or not … Continue reading


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Vancouver Island in November

This past weekend was reading break (where we had more than 4 days off!), so Heather and I headed out to Vancouver Island. I know, you must be thinking that I’m crazy because it appears that I don’t travel anywhere … Continue reading


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Vancouver Island: The Wedding

Sunday was a very fun yet crazy day. Imagine waking up fairly early, packing like a mad person, driving for 1 1/2+ hours in the pouring rain and getting ready with 6 people in the only hotel room that was … Continue reading


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Vancouver Island … the Encore

Today Mr. Bean and I fly out to Vancouver Island for my cousin’s wedding. We’ll be hanging out with my family at my parent’s cottage and coming back on Monday. Have a wonderful labour day weekend everyone!


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Vancouver Island – Animals

While on the island, we say lots of various animals – while golfing, visiting cheese makers, at the beach, at the ferry, at Coombs and outside the cottage. This blue heron, like all blue herons I’ve seen, was quite happy … Continue reading


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