Cross Country Skiing


View of Kananaskis Lakes from Blueberry Hill

Ever gotten back into something that you used to do a lot?

Cross Country Skiing-1

Upper Kananaskis Lake – Looking toward the Point and Forks Campgrounds

Cross Country Skiing is that for me. As a kid, we used to go fairly frequently and then I went sporadically as a teenager and adult. However, in the last month, I have gone three times. Mr. Bean and I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade our gear so we’re no longer using secondhand stuff from the 80s. It definitely helps!

Cross Country Skiing-4It can be so peaceful skiing through the snow covered trees and seeing things like this creek… Plus, now that I’m used to my new skis, I can snowplow with greater control and don’t do the “ahhh!! I’m going to fall – goodbye balance!!” dance while going down hills. Am I the only person who does that?

Cross Country Skiing-3

I am so grateful that I live so close to the mountains and have the opportunity to go out and enjoy them – does it make me weird if I want this warm weather to go away so it’ll snow so I can go skiing?

Cross Country Skiing-2

No twigs or pine needles in my eyes – my safety glasses did their best to replace my broken sunglasses.

Last weekend my mom and I headed out the Peter Lougheed Park and skied up to Blueberry Hill. It was a beautiful and warm day and lucky us got spoiled on the way back – what an amazing sunset to end a fantastic day!


I tried to adjust the colours so they looked similar to what I actually saw – still is nothing close to the real thing!

Have you gotten back into something after not really doing it for a while?


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4 responses to “Cross Country Skiing

  1. I have! I recently got back into watercoloring. It came back surprisingly fast after not doing it for at least four years, and it was so rejuvenating!

    Canada is SO beautiful, and your photos capture it so well!

  2. Beautifully written! We share the same interest. I have always enjoyed skiing regardless of how scary it can become at times. I received my training for skiing from Mountain Skills Academy Mountaineering School, and it has been my greatest strength in skiing fearlessly. I haven’t been able to get back to how it used to be before, skiing around gloriously and effortlessly, but i really look forward to a time when I will get back to it!

  3. WOW breath taking fotos, I miss the freedom of movement. I haven’t taken up Cross Country skiing, glad to hear that if I’m talking to myself? I’m not the only one that has that word battle when trying new things. Lovely… hmm as far as new things I used to do I guess it would be Yoga, I’ve taken many years off (since 2008) so its nice to get back into my flow. 😉


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