Top 12 Photos of 2012

I haven’t been that great at sharing photos this year, but since there’s one day left in 2012 – better late than never to do so! Here are my favourite shots I took this past year.

These are in no particular order – Click the photo for a larger version.





Mount Richardson-5


Top: Sunset on Vancouver Island (July 2012)

Left Column:

  • Top: Cool looking moon-rise  (January 2012)
  • Bottom: Chateau Lake Louise (September 2012)

Right Column:

  • Top: A friend’s baby newborn shoot (January 2012)
  • Bottom: Larch Trees Reflections – Kananaskis Country (September 2012)

Next Row: Kicking Horse River and Mt. Stephen from Field, BC (February 2012)

Next Row:

  • Left: Engagement Photos I did for a friend (June 2012)
  • Right: Wedding Photos I did for the same friend (August 2012)

Next Row: View from Mount Richardson (behind Lake Louise Ski Area) looking toward Lake Louise (August 2012)

Left Column:

Right Column: Brother and Sister-in-Law’s Wedding (May 2012)


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10 responses to “Top 12 Photos of 2012

  1. Gorgeous photography, you are so lucky to live near the mountains.

  2. Tammy S

    Wonderful photos, Mrs. Bean! Sandra looked so gorgeous! Congrats, Sandra, if you see this!

  3. Rae

    So beautiful! You make me want to sit with you outside in silence. Except that sounds a little creepy, and I don’t mean it that way at all. Just that it feels like you get to see beauty.

  4. kleinworthco

    You sure have had a beautiful year in photos. Woweee!!!

  5. I’ve scheduled a post of my favorite photos from 2012 for tomorrow, and now I feel really embarrassed! Haha! I love your photography, you capture both nature and people so beautifully.

    • First – Thanks Emily!

      Second – don’t be embarrassed! We all have to start somewhere. If you want encouragement, go look at my food photos from 2008 and compare it to now 4 years later… it takes a while, but you’ll get there! 😀

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