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SRC: Jeanette’s Healthy Living Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Banana Bread

For October’s Secret Recipe Club, I was paired with Jeanette of Jeanette’s Healthy Living. Jeanette is a mother of four boys and loves to create healthy, tasty and delicious looking recipes that her kids actually want to eat.  Her youngest son has allergies to gluten and dairy, so all of her recent-er recipes are gluten and dairy free, which made this allergy conscious girl very happy! She has TONS of beautiful food – Soups – I bought Soba noodles to try after looking through her blog, Gluten and Dairy free recipes, including this Pumpkin Coffee Cake and Chocolate Marble Coffee Cake.

After spending at least 6 hours (I am not kidding) looking through her blog and being indecisive, I ended up choosing her Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Banana Bread and it did not dissapoint!

I did make a few changes to this loaf. Sometimes I’m a genius and assume something is a certain way based on what I want to see  (Does that ever happen to you?) and this loaf was the same. I read the recipe and was super excited to find a loaf that had both bananas and pumpkin, so I went and bought some pumpkin. Then when I was making the loaf, I re-read the ingredients list and it was “pumpkin spice” not pumpkin. (I had been confused as to why Jeanette said that she had substituted the spice for cinnamon as I assumed that all pumpkin loafs would have Pumpkin-y spices in them, not just cinnamon – way to go for reading things thoroughly.)

Being very stubborn, I decided to add pumpkin to the mix as I went and bought pumpkin specifically for this purpose. So, I added 1/2 c. of pumpkin puree in addition to the bananas. I also added some chopped up dairy-free dark chocolate (from a bar – way better than chips, in my opinion) and reduced the sugar by a couple tablespoons.

In the past, I’ve had issues baking with almond flour and bananas without eggs, so I was quite surprised to find a recipe with that criteria. Since there were other flours in the mix (it’s only half almond flour), it did work better than I expected it to, but I increased the cooking time to 55 minutes and it was still quite soft (I could have cooked it for another 5-10 minutes and it probably would have helped). I had a difficult time cutting the loaf (hence the ragged looking pieces), so to cut up the rest of the loaf, I stuck it in the freezer for an hour and it worked like a charm.

I took this loaf to a Halloween party and everyone loved it (it disappeared very quickly). It’s not too sweet, has a great depth of flavour thanks to the molasses and coconut palm sugar and is super moist and soft. I definitely recommend making this as it’s delicious! I almost didn’t want to take it to the party as it was so good – my waistline thanks me.

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