SRC: Natural Noshing’s Coconut Trail Mix Bark

For April’s Secret Recipe Club, I was paired with Nora of Natural Noshing. She tried to cook and bake gluten and refined sugar free, which made it really difficult to choose just one thing!

I decided to make her Coconut Trail Mix Bark made with homemade coconut butter. It’s like white chocolate bark but without the sugar. I really love that she also only uses a normal food processor instead of the fancy blenders many people seem to have for making nut butters and such. I was so impressed with this bark as there is essentially no added sugar but it’s still plenty sweet enough.

I brought some to my family and they were so impressed that dried coconut would become so smooth and chocolate like. My brother absolutely loved it, which is fantastic as this makes a fair amount of bark!

Check out the rest of Secret Recipe Club’s group D recipes here:


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14 responses to “SRC: Natural Noshing’s Coconut Trail Mix Bark

  1. I am so glad you and your family enjoyed the bark! I love the versatility of coconut butter, especially in the form of “healthy white chocolate” 🙂 Love your photos, they turned out beautiful!

  2. YUM…well except that I don’t like coconut, but the rest sounds amazing!!!!

  3. bakeaholicmama

    Wow I need to try this! Looks awesome. great SRC post =)

  4. shockinglydelicious

    Wow, what an intriguing recipe! It wouldn’t have occurred to me that coconut would perform that way. I’m visiting from Group D, and love what you did this month! Beautiful (AND delicious, I’m sure)!

  5. Wow, what an interesting recipe! And wow, homemade coconut butter too!

  6. ruchibmathur

    This looks great and I am sure it must be melt in the mouth wonderful….


  7. i am also intrigued by homemade coconut butter 🙂

  8. yum! i love bark, but have never tried any with coconut or trail mix in it. sounds wonderful!

  9. Rituparna

    I never knew making coconut butter would be that simple. I have to try this soon.

  10. Angel's Homestead

    Wow, who says you have to eat bland, boring food, when your eating healthy? This stuff looks amazing, and I cant wait to try it.

  11. This looks awesome! Thanks for sharing this recipe! Its hard to find good recipes that don’t require a bunch of highly processed foods. I will have to try this, I love all the flavors!

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