Camera Phone Dump

I haven’t really been very good at taking photos on my phone as I haven’t been terribly impressed with its camera. I think it’s getting better as I get more used to it, but most of the time I just forget! Here are most of the photos I’ve taken since I’ve gotten my phone at the beginning of January:


My first pathetic attempt to take a low light photo on my walk to work the other morning. Taking photos with my camera phone really makes me miss my actual camera!

A few days later, I figured out how to change the exposure compensation and tried to capture more what it looked like. But in real life, it looked way nicer and way more vibrant!


I didn’t catch this sunrise at its peak – I was currently sitting on the bus at that time – but it was still super pretty and pink.

Now for some really terrible photos from a few weeks ago:


Mr Bean and I decided to visit with her a few weeks ago. She’s been super happy with all the warm weather we’ve been having.


Apparently I’m not that great at taking self portraits. Practise makes perfect, I guess!


Before I started work I got my hair cut. I really liked it, but now that it’s six weeks later (how the heck did that happen?!), I need to get my bangs trimmed and hair re-dyed. The nature of the beast, I guess.

How often do you use your camera phone?



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  1. ostranderblog

    I like your haircut!! Very cute. And I love the top… of course I still want to steal your pooch, she looks so much like our next door neighbors Mr. Max. I seriously love that breed. My cameras phone is horrible, these turned out pretty good, I like the second one, how crisp it went from the first.

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