Holiday Edits & A New Blog Header!

Now I feel like a bit of hypocrite, as I was feeling inspired yesterday and thus have designed a new Christmas themed header for my blog. Oops. I always find it interesting that after you’ve got something off your chest you can let it go and move on from it and I guess that’s the case with my new header! I’m still not listening to Christmas music, though. 😉

For this week’s Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit, I wanted to use gradual filters like what Cedar talks about in her tutorial. Fortunately, I did take a landscape photo, which works really well for that kind of filter. I also fiddled with the white balance and saturation to make it look better.

Original Shot

Looking at photos like that makes me so happy that I live in Alberta and have the Rocky Mountains on my doorstep.

What’s on your “doorstep” that makes you happy?


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7 responses to “Holiday Edits & A New Blog Header!

  1. These edits are so beautiful – great job!

  2. beautiful pictures, I love the results you get with this magnificent process.

  3. ostranderblog

    LOVE The filtered landscape!!

  4. Oh! You did an excellent job! The photo really pops now and such a gorgeous view!

    As far as the bokeh in my photo…we hung two strands of white Christmas lights in our bedroom. The tricky part was getting the kids far enough away from the lights for them to be bokeh and still get the kids all in the frame with my 50mm 1.8…one on one I could have them sit on the bed, but all three took almost the whole length of the room, and I had to sit on the bathroom sink to get them in the picture 🙂

  5. I love mountains and I adore your photo!

  6. It’s really almost Christmas! Nice shots too!

  7. On my doorstep there is plenty of sunshine, well today would not be the best example but most days are sunny! I love pictures from back home, Calgary, and the Rockies. I miss them all!
    Happy Holidays

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