Black and White Beauties and Workflow Considerations

I was feeling in a black and white mood tonight as I edited some of the photos from my photography course. (You can see the originals here.)

In her post, Ashley asked us about our post-processing workflow. I know mine probably isn’t the most efficient, but this is what I do:

  • Import photos (raw files) into Lightroom. Before I import them, I add as many tags as possible.
  • After they are imported, I sort them into appropriate collections and add any tags that I forgot to add or didn’t apply to the whole bunch.
  • Then, I go through and rate the photos – 4 or 5 stars if they are fabulous, 3 if I really like it, 2 if I like it, 1 if it’s okay and reject it if it’s terrible.
  • I then set the filter to “rated” and go to the develop mode to make adjustments or apply presets. If a photo really needs to be looked at in photoshop, I will do it, but I prefer to do as much as possible in Lightroom. Unless, of course, it’s a panorama, then I’ll quickly export it from Lightroom and use the photomerge function in Photoshop to put them together.
  • I usually just leave my files in Lightroom as it remembers any adjustments I have made to the original raw files and only export them if I am using them.

What do you do in your post-processing workflow?

These are my edited photos for this week’s Thanksgiving themed Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit. You can see everyone else’s edits on Ashley’s blog!


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6 responses to “Black and White Beauties and Workflow Considerations

  1. Tim J. Chong

    Nice work, Bean! My post processing workflow is similar to yours, except I don’t apply tags to my photos, partly because I’m lazy. 😉

    For conversation to black and white, I like the Silver Efex Pro 2 by Nik Software. I use this plug-in for still life, street photography, etc.

    For portraiture, I use Visual Supply Co’s film presets because they produce nice skin tones.

  2. These are beautiful in bw…especially that last one.

  3. I love that last shot. Great light and composition. I need to use tags more!! I’m trying to remind myself to do it upon import. Why not make life easier? Ha! In regards to your question about noise, I think you can’t beat the noise reduction in LR. I took a LR course in Hawaii, and the instructor was a certified Adobe presenter as well. He went on and on about the noise reduction in LR and how it really is a selling point for the program.

  4. Sounds like a challenging, but very useful class! Beautiful conversions. Tags…still developing a system I like for that aspect.

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  6. I always love black and white photos! Love your edits!

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