With Gratitude

I am filled with so much gratitude towards my husband, Mr. Bean. I’m grateful that he married me, loves me and puts up with me and all my idiosyncrasies. This month, in honour of Thanksgiving, the ladies over at Newlywed Bliss are hosting a husband gratefulness challenge. I thought I’d also throw in some photos I took at Mr. Bean’s brother’s wedding in May that I don’t think I’ve shared for this week’s Gratefulness themed Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit. 🙂

Mr Bean, I am so grateful that:

    1. You waited an extra 25 minutes after my photography course tonight for me to finish up despite being super tired and needing to go home.
    2. You listen to me vent about whatever is bothering me and resist giving me advice until I ask for it. I know that’s really hard for you!
    3. You eat whatever crazy creations I have made and are willing to try everything, including some pretty weird vegetarian meals, once.
    4. You remind me to lighten up when I’m being too serious and bogged down by stuff.
    5. You work extremely hard at everything you do and you do a great job of taking care of me.
    6. You fill up the car with gas after I’ve emptied most of it because of tutoring.
    7. You find amusement in the little things, especially when I don’t.
    8. You dress up for me even though you’d really rather not.
    9. You are so patient with me in everything even though you’re probably wanting to pull your hair out from frustration.
    10. You encourage me to do the things I am afraid of and to believe in myself more.

And because you’re awesome, here are two reasons more:

11. You tell me I’m beautiful when I feel ugly.
12. You put up with my photography craziness and let me take photos with you (especially all the self portraits here!)

What are you grateful for in your spouse/partner?

Please feel free to join in and post 10 things that you are grateful for in your spouse/partner!



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14 responses to “With Gratitude

  1. I’ve been super grateful for Trevor lately, because he’s being so supportive of my quitting my well-paid but boring job and going back to school! I also see a lot of things on your list that he does too, especially number 4! 🙂

  2. So many things! I posted about one of them today! I seriously could post every day about my guy! I love you list and love the pictures!!!

  3. Hey! Sorry I didn’t get the linky up until two seconds ago…I woke up late today and couldn’t get the code to work. Ugh. Anyway,#11 is so important to me too. Mr. Bean sounds like a wonderful guy. I love the second to last picture, with the lights! Beautiful!

  4. What an amazing post! I am grateful for many of the same things with my hubs-

    Love the pics- so sweet! You will be so happy you have these when you look back years from now.

  5. TBM

    Great post. I think many of us take for granted the wonderful people in our lives since they are always there. It is wonderful to take a step back and say thank you.

  6. Oh, my goodness, Mrs. Bean!! (hehe!) I love this list! Even if there are things that just GRRR us about our husbands, if we take the time to find things we’re grateful for, and then express it to them, wow — I bet our husbands, ourselves, and our relationships would drastically change!! I was just reading this morning that if a man looses the faith, love and support of his wife, he stands to loose everything. wow….

    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving yourself!!

    and to answer your question, my Bible is the Expositors Study Bible. It goes though and explains almost every verse just as it was meant, (clinically) not as an individual “thinks” it means (bias, or twisting words around to make it mean what they want it to mean). I have learned so much and have been able to understand so much more on “what that means” or “why’s that in here anyways?” 🙂 You can get it here: http://www.shopjsm.org/p-5144-expositors-study-bible-regular-print-edition.aspx
    Keep an eye out – every month on the first they do a bible-thon where they drop the prices drastically (like down to $40 or so). They also have lots of specials thoughout the month.

  7. Awww what a sweet post – happy Thanksgiving!

  8. ostranderblog

    Love this and the love you two obviously share, very thankful for my hubby. He’s fantastic and my very best friend, partner in adventures, and a somewhat willing recipient of my daily vents of frustration! 😉 Happy Thanksgiving!!

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