Family Edits

My edits for this week’s Family themed Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit are pretty clean edits. You can see my originals here.

If you’ve ever taken photos of a large number of people, you know that it’s sometimes difficult to get a shot with everyone looking and with their eyes open! This shoot was no exception. So, I used a similar technique to Ashley’s to ensure that everyone’s eyes were open. Instead of overlaying the two images, I selected around the eyes or facial features that I wanted to transplant and then erased until it looked seamless. Both methods definitely have their pros and cons!

Before 1

Before 2

And the end result:

What is your favourite way to ensure that everyone’s eyes are open?



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11 responses to “Family Edits

  1. This are lovely family portraits and the edits are just right!

  2. I just love how these came out- you can feel the love & how much fun everyone was having while taking them.

  3. these came out great ~ fabulous job on the edits, it was done seamlessly

  4. Great edits! Totally love the shot of all the girls in front of the house. 😀

  5. Well, I’m not a photographer, but the way that I ensure that everyone’s eyes are open is by telling them that if they don’t, I’ll punch them in the face.

    Too harsh…?

    Beautiful photos and beautiful family! 🙂

  6. Lovely pictures of your family! You sisters look much alike!

  7. lovely family portraits!

    have a fantastic week…

    My Third Eye

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