I mentioned previously that I had spent a fair amount of time working on our Halloween costumes. What did we go as? Final Fantasy XII characters! I don’t expect any of you to know who they are (especially if you follow me on Pinterest and wonder why the heck I kept pinning all these crazy costumes), but I’m Ashe and Mr Bean was Balthier. Look and see for a comparison:

Not quite cosplay worthy, but pretty good, hey? Mr. Bean’s mum helped me with most of the sewing as I am not very good at it but I made all the armour out of craft foam, which was fairly time consuming! Fortunately for us, we were able to wear our costumes three times, which helps justifying the amount of time I spent on them. But I had fun, so it’s worth it anyways!

We have some pretty awesome friends who have some pretty awesome costumes. Apparently many of them want to shoot me (I count four):

A bunch of us are pretty silly as well:

You can't see it, but his rugby jersey from Wales says "Brains"

These two won best couple costume!

How was your Halloween? Did you go to any Halloween Parties?

The photos marked “Bean SOOC” are the original, unedited versions for this week’s Costume themed Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit.



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11 responses to “Halloween

  1. Oh goodness! I LOVE your costume! hahaha… so love it! =D

  2. You guys are way too much fun!

  3. soo fun – my husband would love this

  4. Love your costumes! Awesome! I love the “operation” couple too – I might have to steal that next year!!!!

  5. The costumes turned out fantastic! It looks like you guys had a fun night.
    Stephen and I didn’t go to any Halloween parties this year, so we didn’t get to dress up at all. We only got one trick or treater on Halloween; did you guys get any?

  6. Awesome costumes for ya’ll, and your friends too!

    I didn’t get to dress up this year, but my husband went as Chuck Bartowski from NBC’s show “Chuck.” 🙂

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  8. ostranderblog

    Your costumes are FANTASTIC, seriously great work. Well worth the time!

  9. Wow! I love your costumes! I can’t believe you made the armor from craft foam. It looks awesome!

  10. Hey, I was just wondering what you used to fasten the craft foam to itself? I’m going to use craft foam for gauntlets, a mini top hat, and a holster for my steampunk outfit, but I’m not sure what the best way to do that would be. Any tips would be appreciated. 🙂

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