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I mentioned that I had a bunch of photoshoots last week. One of these was my friend D and her two kids G and B (who was 5 weeks old!) I was so happy that I was able to get and capture this moment in time for them as B will only be small for such a short time!

We first headed out to the park, where I took some shots of G. He was pretty cute as he would either run away from the camera or smile “like a monster.” (Basically a fierce variation of cheese.)

You know what else was super cute? How much G loves his new baby sister. He was quite content to sit with her, hold her hand and snuggle a bit with her.

I hoped that once G went down for his nap after lunch, we would be able to take some newborn-esque photos. It’s funny because she was really sleepy and calm all morning but once I tried to take photos of her sleeping, she refused to pose and was quite fussy. I guess that’s why they recommend taking photos before 4 weeks and doing it when the babies are sleepiest. Maybe she knew that I needed to leave before 3:15 so I wasn’t caught in traffic? Who knows?

I think that’s my favourite photo of her as she’s actually kind of sleeping. I thought that she would have enjoyed not being dressed a bit more (as I thought most babies liked that,) but maybe she was too cold despite it being SUPER hot in the room? Live and learn!

Have you ever tried to take Newborn photos before?

These are my Straight Out Of the Camera shots  for this week’s Memories themed Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit. See the rest of the SOOCs over at Jill’s blog.


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10 responses to “Helping Create Memories

  1. Melissa

    Very sweet shots. Love the little guy’s expression in the first photo.

  2. love the pic of baby and mom – I’ve only tried shooting my own newborns – and man it’s tough when it’s my own baby, I can’t image how the pro’s do it!

  3. I have once for a friend and experience, and she was a wiggly worm at 13 days! Brother’s expression in the first one is very cute! Have fun with your edits!

  4. Awww these are all so sweet. And yes, I have shot one newborn. It’s quite a challenge!

  5. I love, love the one of her kind of sleeping soooo awesome!!!

  6. Oh how cute! Those really came out fantastic & I can’t wait to see your edits. I have never had the opportunity to do a newborn shoot- Oh how I would love to give that a try.

  7. Rae

    I love that first picture! Hilarious.

  8. Oh my! These photos are LOVELY!! I specially like the last 2 photos..

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