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What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Sometimes I’m really good at not realizing how much is happening until I write it down. (I think it’s a combination of my tendency to downplay whatever I’m doing and a mechanism to help prevent me from getting overwhelmed, but that’s besides the point.)

What’s been happening:

  • I’ve been taking a wedding photography course since the middle of September. It’s been really good! The first of two shooting sessions was a bit intimidating as there are quite a few professional photographers in the class and so trying to pose people differently than them when you have very little experience doesn’t always work very well. At least it is experience and I did do my best to learn things from them, but it will be hard to choose a photo that is different than everyone elses. The second shoot I was at the other class and only a single guy showed up as a model. The following is my favourite shot – not very wedding-y, but that’s okay. I love how he looks like he’s just stepped out of the 1950s.
  • I’ve been attempting to apply for jobs. Engineering jobs. In September I went to a job fair and have applied/given my resumes out for a few positions. Some may ask me why, but I think I’d like to try the engineering thing in hopes of having a better experience than my internship. We’ll see what happens because it’s up to God anyways!
  • Mr. Bean recently started a residency at work, which is awesome (Praise the Lord!) especially because it means that he most likely does not have to go back and do a PhD (4+ years) to become certified in the field he works in. It’s been super busy for him since he started (most days have been 10+ hours) because as well as doing the various clinical rotations and other residency requirements, he’s still doing his old job as well. I hope things settle down a bit so he doesn’t get sick!
  • I’ve been playing arts and crafts a lot recently in my attempts to make our Halloween costumes this year. It involves foam armour and crazy final fantasy costumes, so we’ll see if my enthusiasm continues throughout the course of the project.
  • Lots of people are having babies! Both Mr. Bean’s best friends are expecting (first for one and second for the other) and Kim, the other girl in my fourth year engineering design project, is also having another baby. I’m so excited for all of them!
  • My sister, who was visiting at the end of August and beginning of September is back in Quebec and is (sort of) back to blogging. Any and all prayers for her ministry in Quebec would be appreciated!

What I’ve been thinking:

  • I’ve realized that I prefer to post photos instead of feelings here. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that (as I do really love photography) but I feel that I’ve sort of gotten out of touch with myself. (Plus, when I’m feeling depressed, the last thing I want to do is drag other people down as they read my less than inspiring posts.)
  • After a comment by Caitlin the other day saying how inspirational my blog is for talking about depression, I got thinking that it might benefit more than just me to write a mini series on dealing with depression. I know I’m definitely not perfect or the best example as it’s something that I struggle with almost everyday, but it might be good to do anyways.
  • I’m back (again) to the whole eating sugar vs. not eating sugar debate. I’m also having trouble figuring out what food really bothers me as sometimes I will have something and it will bother me but if I have it again, not much of a reaction. (The same goes for the other way around.) I really liked Jill’s post about seasons of life changing and how what we put in our bodies affects us differently over time. So, I think it might be time to retry to figure out what I’m allergic to – blood tests from 14 years ago probably aren’t the best indicator of what my body reacts to now. I’ve noticed that Brittany has been doing a combination of the elimination and paleo diets. Anyone have any resources for either?

What I’ve been interested in:

  • A while ago, I discovered Knapkins. It’s a website where you look at pictures of food and decide which one looks tastier. I’m not going to say how many hours I’ve spent there as I’m against self incrimination.
  • My blog friend Emily has started up a new blog called Newlywed Bliss. I know I’m hardly a newly wed as I’ve been married for over three years, but I’m a firm believer in working on your marriage and keeping the romance alive regardless of how long you’ve been married. Some of the posts are really great, like this one talking about how to make the most of your time together, which will come in handy now that Mr. Bean is super busy!
  • My favourite show, Murdoch Mysteries is being cancelled, which is super sad. If you like the show, please sign the petition.
  • A while ago I joined Pinterest and I love it. Are you on it? We should follow each other!

What have you been up to lately?


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