Orange HDR Editing

This week’s lesson for the Orange themed Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit is about HDR (High Dynamic Range) Processing, which is something that is really neat and can allow you to do some crazy stuff.

Since I’m no wealth of knowledge, (I’ve only done it once before on some of the images from my backpacking trip) I want to share some links to things I have found to be helpful. Ashley gives a few pointers here, as well as linking to Sarah of Naptime Momtog’s post about HDR processing (and some free photoshop actions, too!) I also found this video from Adobe TV to be quite helpful, but the moral of the story is: in photoshop go images–>adjustments–>HDR toning and then play around with things until you get a look you like. There are also a few presets to give you an idea of how things could look.


Clean Edit is on the right and HDR Edit on the Left

So, if you haven’t already guessed, I did some HDR toning to most of my photos for this week’s edits. Some of them are a bit over the top, but I had fun editing them. You can see my Straight Out Of the Camera shots here.

Clean Edit is on the right and HDR Edit on the Left

Not HDR because it's awesome enough on its own

I also didn’t do HDR toning to the following photo as it doesn’t really work that well on people (as you can see in the photo below it.)

Have you discovered a new processing tool lately?


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9 responses to “Orange HDR Editing

  1. Really awesome. Thanks for the trackback. Still not sure how to do trackbacks. 🙂

  2. HDR processing really looks incredible on your shots! Such deep colors!

  3. Don’t you love that HDR processing – it’s my fav!

  4. Great job on these! Some of them turned out super cool!

  5. Wonderful photos and an interesting tutorial for HDR. Thank you very much for sharing !
    Have a nice day.

  6. I always look forward to learn something from who teaches thank you..for tutoral.

  7. GORGEOUS- I am a HUGE fan of HDR. Well done!

  8. Beautiful shots, HDR or not!

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