It’s Fall and There’s Love in the Air…

This weekend was a busy one. As I mentioned previously, last Friday I went out to the mountains with my brother and his new fiancé to take some engagement photos.

We first went out to Moraine Lake by Lake Louise, then headed to Vermilion Lakes near Banff. Many of the trees have turned to a wonderful shade of yellow, something I wanted to take advantage of.

We had beautiful weather – it was warm if way a bit too windy.  It was pretty sunny for the whole day and with the sun at such a high position in the sky, I know many photographers aren’t keen to go out shoot. Sure, some of the photos may not be as flattering as if it had been beautifully diffused light, but I’m a fan of the notion of trying to make the best of the situation and using the light available to you.

Please learn from us: it’s important to remember to have your emergency brake on when you park your standard so that your car doesn’t start rolling away when you sit on the bumper.

After the photo session, we headed back to Calgary. As I was heading out to my friend’s bachelorette party, I noticed the evening sun peaking through the trees. I seriously need to go take photos of people in the evening now as the light has been amazing recently. Any takers?

What do you think about taking photos of people in direct sunlight?

All these shots are Straight Out Of the Camera and shared at this week’s Fall themed Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit.



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18 responses to “It’s Fall and There’s Love in the Air…

  1. We’d be happy to be photoshoot guinea pigs if you need somemone 🙂 I hear the weather’s about to change though!

  2. They are such a cute couple – absolutely adorable.

  3. WOW- first that location is so beautiful! Second- they are the CUTEST couple ever!!! It almost brings me to happy tears to see all that love between them.

  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful fall colors and pictures with PicStory 🙂

  5. I think the pictures look great in direct sunlight. The leaves are a perfect backdrop!

  6. You did an excellent job! The yellow leaves is a really lovely background!

    I have to take pictures when my children are active–mostly the middle of the day–but I do find better lighting can make having my camera out a lot more fulfilling and a bit less frustrating.

  7. Beautiful couple! And you captured them wonderfully! Love all the fall colors!

  8. Beautiful couple and the colors of autumn are amazing.

  9. Beautiful! Love all the golden leaves around them. Can’t wait for all of ours to change.

  10. What a sweet looking couple! Great photos and thanks for linking up to Capturing Beauty! Looking forward to more of your wonderful pictures.


  11. Beautiful photo shoots. And the couple looks happy together. ^_^


  12. Sweet photos. Great SOOC.

  13. They are a lovely couple, it is obvious they are in love. Great shots and I love the autumn colors as a background.
    When outdoors we have to make do with the light we have. I love to play around with available light.

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