Some Exciting News!

Guess what? Our family is about to gain another member!

Yep, that’s right – my younger brother proposed to his girlfriend over the weekend! They went hiking out to the mountains and he proposed in the snow. Can I hear a collective “awwww…”?

I’m super excited for them and their future – and the fact that I get to go and take photos of them in the mountains on Friday!

What’s something exciting that’s happened to you this last week?

The Straight Out Of the Camera shots are my entries for this week’s “Teen/Adult Portrait” themed Shoot and Edit. For the rest of the SOOCs, check out Jill’s blog!


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20 responses to “Some Exciting News!

  1. How exciting and I love these shots. I know your family is thrilled!

  2. Great news!!!! How sweet. Great photos, I can’t wait to see your edits.

  3. That’s so exciting! Congratulations to your brother 🙂

  4. Very sweet! They look very happy together! Nice captures to remember this special time!

  5. Totally awesome! Congrats to the soon-to-be-newlyweds!! Love that you were able to capture some super sweet memories for them!! Great job on them!

  6. How exciting. Cute photos. Can’t wait to see the photos from the mountains.

  7. Seriously, cute pics! Congrats to your brother! They look really happy!

  8. Ohhh how exciting!! I love good news!!! Congrats to you and yours! Nothing all that exciting for us! Sometimes though status quo IS good news!!!

    • I agree, sometimes the status quo is definitely a good thing! It’s actually my brother who’s engaged as it’s 4 years too late to me celebrating mine! 😉

  9. Rochelle

    Congratulations to your brother. You took so wonderful photos of them.

  10. Ewa

    they look so happy and perfect togther!!

  11. Awwwww! Congrats to them! How exciting! I love the pictures!

  12. SUch a sweeeet couple! Congratulations!!!!

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