Lottie Sitting Redux

This weekend Mr. Bean and I are looking after Lottie again while my parents are away on the island. This time around, she’s a lot less sick and a lot more hyper.

Not many dogs are able to do a side ninja-kick.

What are you doing this weekend?



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6 responses to “Lottie Sitting Redux

  1. Great shot! I am upstate w/ my daughter at our country house. We just finished ice-cream & now we’re working on our blogs!

  2. ostranderblog

    First off that is my absolute favorite breed of dog [lately] they are so stinkin’ CUTE! The shot of the side ninja kick had me laughing and making the “AAaaahhhh” sounds and showing my DH. Who promptly gave me the “NO we’re not getting a dog, and stop making that noise” face. LOL. Enjoy babysitting.

  3. LOL, my Boston does a similar ninja move – she jumps up pushing off my thigh and doing 360º before landing. I think it’s an “ollie” in skater terms. Lottie is SO CUTE!

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