It’s Time to Cherish Summer…

Today I went hiking with my sister and it reminded me of how short summer really is around here.

Yep, that’s snow. I should note that shortly after this photo was taken, we both put on basically all the clothes we brought with us.

Since I want to be in denial, I will spend more time looking at the photos from my backpacking trip last week, where the weather was wonderful.

After looking at LeavesnBlooms’ blog, I was inspired to try HDR toning. Isn’t it pretty? For some reason, I wanted to try to make this photo black and white.

To see the rest of the edits of this week’s Shoot and Edit “Body of Water” theme, head over to Ashley’s blog!



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7 responses to “It’s Time to Cherish Summer…

  1. I absolutely love the HDR edit…I’m really hoping to capture some similar shots soon. Great work.

  2. How I wish I could also go hiking with my sister! Hope you had fun! =)

  3. ostranderblog

    This is just lovely as always, I’m looking over at HDR to see what its about. Thanks for sharing the link!! HDR Toning isn’t in the old Photshop … booo. hehe.
    Is that snow seriously a NOW photo? Yowser yea I don’t want winter JUST yet. What a great day with your sister!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I miss snow, and I wish it wasn’t over a 100 degrees here. I’m ready for summer to be over!

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