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Need a Laugh?

1. Ever heard of Victor Borge? I hadn’t until Mr. Bean started watching some of his videos the other night. I never thought that one could use pianos to create comedy, but this guy is a champion at it. It’s ridiculous, hilarious and clean humour.

The next two aren’t piano related but funny nonetheless!

2. Did you know that Mr. Bean managed to stick a hole in the wall with a Cauliflower? Thankfully not at our house, but at a restaurant he worked in while in university.

3. A while ago our Prime Minister had a cameo on one of my favourite shows, Murdoch Mysteries. There’s a few jokes about the current Prime Minister not knowing the Prime Minister at the time of the series – yay for irony. I also think it’s so happy that Harper and his daughter watch episodes together!

What’s made you laugh recently?


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