Bean’s Trip to Europe – Part 5

Our next stop after Sweden was Germany. When we arrived in Frankfurt, we went to collect our rental car expecting something similar to the Volvo sedan we had in Sweden. Wrong! We walked into the hanger to discover ours was the largest vehicle – a Peugeot “station wagon” that was actually a van (see photo.) We quickly named it our awesome mobile as it managed to go 190km/h on the autobahn.

We first headed to Füssen, the home of the famous castles Neuschewanstein and Hohenschwaungau. We stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast about a kilometre from the town called Gastehaus Kieser. They thought Mr. Bean and I were on our honeymoon, so they gave us the largest room – no complaining from us! They were also fantastic with my allergies, so I highly recommend staying there if you’re in the area!

We decided to go up the Zugspitze, which is the tallest mountain in Germany, despite not being able to see anything and it being below freezing. Being Canadian, I was a lot happier in the snow than in the rain. The gondola ride up was pretty cool, too.

In highschool I went on exchange to Germany for three months. While we were in Germany we got the opportunity to visit my host family again. It was wonderful as I haven’t seen my host parents since I was there in 2004 and my partner since 2005. My host dad was so happy to meet Mr. Bean as 1) This was the person who married “Die Bean” (the Bean) and 2) Here was someone who wanted to eat as many sausages and pretzels and drink as much beer as him!

It’s funny because most of the time in Sweden I was still very high strung from school and would spend most of our time doing something. By the time we got to Germany, I was happier to sit around in the garden and chat with my host family enjoying the nice weather that finally came. Mr. Bean jokes that all the weight he lost from me making him walk everywhere during the rest of our vacation was all gained back while eating things that “are good, but not good for you.”

Overall, I think our Europe vacation was a complete success and was very enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the next time we go!

What is your ideal vacation?

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5 responses to “Bean’s Trip to Europe – Part 5

  1. Michelle

    My ideal vacation is a warm beach somewhere, with lots of time to read. That is all 🙂

  2. M

    Neat! I love Germany, I also went there for 3 months, I stayed at my aunt’s place (I’m also canadian, but half german too) and went to school there for a while. Germany’s a beautiful country 🙂

  3. My ideal vacation would be going to Paris! But going to the beach is #2. Today I awarded you a blog award! 🙂 Check it out, and if you’d rather not pass it on, don’t worry about it.

  4. Wow, so nice you got to visit them again =) You sure had a wonderful time!

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