Bean’s Trip to Europe – Part 4

I want to finish the recap of Sweden:

In Malmo, we decided to go on a canal tour through the city. Obstinate me decided that I wasn’t going to wear my rain jacket because it wasn’t raining, so I sat there and froze in the wind for the entire thing. Not exactly one of my brightest moments.

The building that looked twisty is called the twisting torso and you can rent the penthouse suite for 200€ per square meter per hour. That’s like $300!

On our full day in Malmo, we decided to take the train across to Copenhagen. It rained. A lot. We got soaked within the first 10 minutes in the initial downpour. In the moments that the rain was lighter, we decided to do a walking tour as sitting around moping wouldn’t keep us any warmer. Great decision as downpour #2 came along shortly thereafter. Thankfully we went to a cafe where we missed out on downpour #3 and were able to warm up and dry off a bit. Thankfully after that the rain started to let up for the most part, but it was too windy for my umbrella to really have been much use.

We went to go visit the Little Mermaid Statue (for that’s like the most famous in Copenhagen!), but it wasn’t there. Lame. There was a live video of the statue in China though.

We then made our way back up the east coast of Sweden on our way back to Stockholm. We first stopped in Kalmar, which has an old castle that was quite neat. I was so ridiculously happy to see some blue sky, especially given our experiences in the last few places we had been!

The hotel we stayed in was an old warehouse on the ward complete with wooden beams and it overlooked a bunch of docks. When we arrived, the dock was empty. A ship arrived shortly after us and unloaded all through the night and filled the entire dock with logs. I swear that ship wasn’t very big – who knew that it would be able to fit that many logs!

The second night we stayed at a bed and breakfast type thing essentially in the middle of nowhere. It was pretty nice, except that there were a few miscommunications: first they thought that we were coming the next day and secondly they thought that we were staying two nights despite us telling them that we needed to be in Uppsala the next day! I found that to be incredibly stressful and so I didn’t enjoy my time there as much as I possibly could have.

Next up: Germany!

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3 responses to “Bean’s Trip to Europe – Part 4

  1. ostranderblog

    No kidding … crazy rain in Copenhagen. When we walked through it was actually a snowy day and the Little Mermaid had just returned from China! I was thinking to myself I would have been pissed if she was still gone. But kinda cool they had that live feed!

  2. What a wonderful trip. I miss you. Hope all is well. -K

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