After Wedding Selfie

Last Sunday I went to a wedding “riding solo” for the first time. (Mr. Bean was in Vancouver for a conference.) I thought that I looked very pretty, so I took a selfie. I couldn’t find the little quick release thing that connects the camera to the tripod, so this one was done with the one arm technique. Not bad, hey?

Have you ever gone to a wedding by yourself?

See other selfies over at Selfie Magic.


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3 responses to “After Wedding Selfie

  1. TBM

    Good for you for going alone. That’s brave!

  2. ostranderblog

    Love this selfie… surprised its actually a hand held shot …. I think a wedding alone would be fine, I mean your with a bunch of your friends generally if its still one you’d go to on your own. You go to a lot of weddings!!

  3. Great pic! I went to a wedding by myself once, a little awkward but not too bad. In college I took a creative studies class and part of our assignments were to go to the movies, out to dinner and a “show” by ourselves. I think that helped a lot.

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