This is My Backyard…

My Dad and I hiking on a ridge by Sunshine Meadows in the Rockies - our greater backyard!

What’s yours?

My selfie for this week’s “In your backyard” Selfie Saturday.


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6 responses to “This is My Backyard…

  1. ostranderblog

    Love it! An amazing extended backyard 😉 Looks like you and your Dad had a great view during your hike…. lucky lady

  2. That is a lovely backyard. My husband and I live in apartments. But our ‘backyard’ is a large feild, at the end of the field there are woods. We have deer that roam these parts and has been really close to my back patio. The patio doesn’t consist of a fence or anything so when and if I can take pics there is nothing in my view. Again great backyard. :0)

  3. I love how much of the Western Mountains are above treeline. So many of the eastern mountains are below treeline most of the way and above treeline is full of craggy rocks.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!! Looks like an amazing hike.

  5. WOW seriously??? That’s amazing!!!

  6. I saw this contest and thought you might want to enter given that you were up at Sunshine Meadows and clearly brought your camera.

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