Mountain Panoramas

I love the Canadian Rockies and I love that they are so close to me! This summer I’ve been trying my best to take advantage of this by going hiking as much as possible. I’ve already gone four times and will go for a fifth tomorrow. I haven’t felt like many words lately, so I leave you with these panorama shots I’ve taken. Please click to enlarge the images!

Bow Valley from Castle Mountain

Rockbound Lake at Castle Mountain

Lake Louise

Bow Valley by Lake Louise

Lake Agnes by Lake Louise

What have you been up to lately?


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8 responses to “Mountain Panoramas

  1. I’m a nut for mountains. I spent years hiking the New Hampshire White Mountains every weekend. But there’s just something about the Rockies that makes them even more special. It’s part of why we keep heading West every vacation we get (despite the fact that I have yet to go to the western part of my own native land).

  2. Yes, I agree! These are lovely pictures and they make me wish I could be there hiking with you :p Enjoy your hike today!

  3. Amazing! I love the pictures of the lakes. It looks like a wonderful place to hike!

  4. These shots are absolutely gorgeous! Love them.

  5. Rae

    So, so beautiful! I haven’t been hiking at all this summer and so miss the mountains.

  6. Your photos are very beautiful! I adore mountains and love the Canadian Rockies too. Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

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