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Father’s Day Fun

My Family is silly. I know every family has its moments, but it seems that almost every time we get together, some kind of ridiculousness happens. Yesterday, after we had shared a nice meal together in honour of Father’s Day, my sister phones to speak with my dad. Instead of being normal people and simply passing the phone off to him, we decide to have a bit of fun.

My brother is quite good at pretending to be someone else when he is on the phone with someone – once he had me convinced that he was the recorded message from the public library until he started laughing at the very end – and yesterday he was Mr. Ridiculous Secretary complete with British accent. He first asked her what the name of the person she would like to speak to was, to which she replied “Dr. M.” He then asked which Dr. M. she wanted to speak with (both my parents have PhDs), and announced that he was the first of three call centres that she would have to go through. Next, the phone was passed off to my mom, who pretended to be your usually clueless call centre person, who asked my sister which Dr. M. she wanted to speak with, eliciting the reply “I don’t know!” from my sister. My mom then said that some psycho-analysis was going to have to be done and would she be so kind as to go on hold? The phone was then passed to me.

I had the perfect idea of what personality I should be – no British accents and not a call centre/secretary person and someone who does some “psycho-analysis.” Picture your typical air-headed astrologer type person with the breathy voice and who tries to give the impression of being friendly but actually comes off as creepy.

Me: “Well, Hellllo.”
Sister: “Um. Hi.”
Me: “How can I help youuuu tooooday?”
Sister: “I would like to speak with Dr. M.
Me: “Which oooone?”
Sister: “I don’t know.”
Me: “Which dooo youuuu like better: apples or ooooranges?”
Sister: “Oranges.”
Me: “Dooo youuuu like strawberries or bananas better?”
Sister: “Bananas.”
Me: “Oooookay… Let me put these in my thoooought maaatrix… Oooh. Oooone more question: Why is the sky bluuue”
Sister: Talks about water droplets and sunlight refracting, etc.
Me: “Oooookay… I haaaave and aaaanswer. I will now paaaass youuuu off to the appppproopppriate Dr. M.”
Sister: “Thanks?”

After making some noise and beeps, I finally handed the phone to my dad who asked: “Is this the person to whom I am speaking?”

Yes, we are champions. Unsurprisingly, the entire time this whole ordeal was happening, everyone was cracking up with laughter. So, after I handed the phone to my dad, I took the above photo and I love how it shows how amused he is. I think it would be better if the phone wasn’t there, but I guess it helps tie it into the story. 🙂

…And just for fun, here are some photo of my dad and I from my wedding almost 3(!) years ago, taken by our lovely photographer, Kathleen Goertzen.

How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

This photo is my SOOC for this week’s Father’s Day themed Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit.


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