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Selfie Saturday: Then, Now and Anon

Today you get a double dose of Selfie Saturday fun as I have decided to put the last two Selfie Saturday prompts together.First off, last week’s prompt was to recreate a photo taken a while ago. I chose to redo a photo of me at Christmas with my parent’s dog. Now it’s no longer Lucky, but Lottie but with no Christmas tree. I didn’t quite get the correct angle of sitting or with either of our heads, but Lottie is incredibly squirmy which allowed me one shot. Do go and check out the rest of the “Thens and Nows” over at Selfie Magic!

The second prompt was to take an anonymous photo of yourself, where neither your face nor eyes are showing. I wanted to do something that would make it obvious that it was me, so I donned my moose apron and grabbed a mixing bowl for where else am I more at home in than my own kitchen?

Where are you the most home at?


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