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Shoot and Edit: Bubbles Edits

I have to admit that I’m feeling quite pleased with myself at the moment. Firstly, I managed to increase the width of my blog using css, despite not having much previous knowledge and having lots of some angst making the header behave. Secondly, I am impressed with how cool the edits of these bubble shots turned out:

What did I do? First I cropped it, then increased clarify and sharpened. I then played with the split toning: I made the highlights light purple and shadows dark blue. Next, I played with the temperature to make it more pink, increased the black clipping to 100 and the contrast to 50 and brightened it up from 50 -> 81. In photoshop, I then added a high pass filter with the soft light blending mode to give it that little extra bit of oomph.

In lightroom, I first cropped the photo, then played around with the white balance to make it more blue. I then increased both the contrast and clarity to 100, sharpened and increased the black clipping from 5 to 25. Like the previous photo, I then added a high pass filter with soft light blending mode in photoshop.

To see more edits and a photoshop tutorial, check out Ashley’s blog!


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