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Shoot and Edit: Bubbles and an Update

Since I don’t have any kids or bubble blowing gear, I had to come up with my own kind of bubbles for this week’s Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit. My best substitution? Bubbles in my sink!

I hope to do something interesting with them as they are a bit boring at the moment. Bubbles from dish soap are quite pretty though!

Now for an update:

  • I have decided to not continue volunteering at CUPS because I don’t think that it is helping me anymore. It was great to work on my boundaries and make some friendships with the workers and the clients, but being there and dealing with some of those people is just too stressful for me and life is too short. Now I’m looking for some other volunteering to do, so if anyone in the Calgary area has any suggestions, please share!
  • I have managed to strain my right wrist… again. You’d think I’d learn, eh? The combination of gripping tightly when I write, doing exercises with too much wrist bend, biking without gloves and poor hand posture while on my laptop has caught up with me. Now I have to behave and make sure my wrist is straight and do exercises. At least I don’t have to write any finals like one of the other times I strainedĀ  it!
  • I signed up for the next studio portrait lighting course next fall, which I am super excited about! I’m thinking about signing up for the wedding photography one even thought it’s on Saturdays and I will have to miss one class to go to a wedding.

What’s new with you?


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