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Bean’s Trip to Europe – Part 3

I realized yesterday that Mr. Bean and I got back from our trip to Europe a year ago, which reminded me how I never actually finished my recaps. (Whoops!) I don’t really want to do them in full, but I will share some highlights with a few photos in another few posts. This following post I actually wrote last year but never published it.

You can read the first two parts of the saga here: Part 1 – Stockholm and Part 2 – Motala.


Or why I’m happy that I live in a land locked province.

After Motala, Mr. Bean and I packed up our Volvo S40 and headed to Göteborg (or Gothenburg in English.)

The weather in Goteborg wasn’t spectactular when we first arrived. We walked maybe 10 blocks to a restaurant and I was soaked, even with my umbrella. Once we got back to our hotel, I spent two hours under our duvet with all my sweaters on (plus toque!) in an attempt to warm up. I’m really a pansy when it comes to being cool and wet – you think that since I’m Canadian I’d be better with the cold, but I’m a prairie girl through and through and I have difficulty dealing with and being out in non-stop rain.

The restaurant, Smaka, was quite good – Mr. Bean got to enjoy a lot of traditional Swedish food. Like Pickled Herring:

And Swedish Meatballs:

Goteborg has a lot of really neat museums, such as the Universeum. It’s essentially a science centre that is perfect for kids with ADHD (in my opinion) as the exhibits are interesting, varied and there is even an exhibit that is “learning through and with physical activity.” Plus, there were lots of animals and sea creatures.

In front of a Sami tent
The most awesome bird ever.
The Husqvarna Shark

Another museum we visited was one that first made me very happy that I live in a landlocked province and secondly instilled in me a new level of respect for people who work in the navy. Yep, it was a Maritime museum, where we were able to tour through about 15 different ships.

Ahoy Land!
Anyone get the reference for this?

One of the ships was a submarine. This is how I feel about them:

But, the best thing about this particular submarine is that the crew got to sleep next to their torpedoes.

I can’t sleep without my torpedoes!

It was quite a novelty, but by the 15th ship, the diesel smell, all the ladders and all the weird doorways I definitely was very certain about how I felt about boats. I am SO glad that I live in a landlocked province!

We also took the trolley out to see the North Sea (unfortunately not the angry trolley though.)



There we have it: the recap from Gothenberg. It’s always interesting looking back at photos from a while ago to see how much you’ve changed: I’m so glad that I’ve lost weight and I think I like my hair a bit longer.

How do you feel about looking at old(ish) photos of yourself?


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