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Jumping Selfie Saturdays (On Sunday)

I have a tendency to scheme about various things – whether it be recipes, food or plans to do something. Yesterday, while Mr. Bean and I were attending a wedding, I was scheming about doing a “painting with light” inspired jump shot for this week’s Selfie Saturdays.

I guess these aren’t true selfies as I got Mr. Bean to flash my speed light flash when I jumped so that jumping me would show up in the photo. This is basically how I did it: I set up my tripod, set my camera lens to the widest it can go (35mm in this case), got Mr. Bean to stand in so I could focus the camera properly and set the self timer. I would jump three times, with the flash going off with each jump – so the resulting shot has clones without photoshop! 🙂

You may be wondering why you can’t see me as I move from jump to jump and why you can only see ghosts of Mr. Bean and the flash in the shots. This is because when it is dark with a low ISO, moving objects are only recorded if they stay in one spot for a period of time or if extra light is added. Using the flash allows the action to be captured in that moment of time and there is not enough light otherwise for the camera to record my other movements.

The settings I used were: 15 second exposure,  f/9 and ISO 320. I think if I were to do it again, I would do 10 seconds (so that I would show up better for the latter jumps), up the ISO to 400 or so and maybe increase the aperture to f/8. I would also choose a location that didn’t have as many lights in the background or at least not in the same spot as me so I would appear less translucent. If you compare the left and right jumps, I appear less solid in the right one because there is a light source behind me, so the camera records that light as well as the light from the flash, so I’m not “filling in” a dark spot like I am on the left.

Have you ever tried taking photos of yourself at night?


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