Shoot and Edit SOOC: On Faith

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

– Hebrews 11:1

While I was trying to figure out what to take a photo of for this weeks Faith inspired Shoot and Edit, I thought about what an applicable aspect of my life that requires a lot of faith. The second thing* that came to me was my adventures with gluten free bread making. Ever since I made this loaf of bread, I’ve been trying to perfect it and I must tell you that sometimes it takes a lot of faith that it will turn out! For those of you who are not gluten free, making gluten free bread (especially one that is vegan, isn’t as dense as a hockey puck and stays together) is quite tricky as there is no gluten holding it together. When I make bread, I have faith that the yeast will do what it’s supposed to do and that all the components come together correctly so that it rises and holds nicely.

What requires a lot of faith in your life?

*The first thought that came to my mind was how I need to have faith that all the stuff I’m going through at the moment will result in me becoming the person that God intended me to be. I couldn’t think of how to photograph this without making it super, super personal, so I moved to my second thought. 🙂


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11 responses to “Shoot and Edit SOOC: On Faith

  1. I really love your site and your journey to become more authentically His..and therefore, more authentically yourself.

  2. That bread looks too good!! Nice photo. Gluten free bread does require faith, yes. I’m glad we can share our recipes to make the process easier!

  3. That bread looks great SOOC! Great photos!

  4. It looks wonderful! Beautiful SOOC shot!

  5. Love your message on Faith!

  6. Nice interpretation and now I want to try some.

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  8. Wonderful verse… ‘faith’ is something God is teaching me right now!

  9. Hi, Lady! First, I liked how you dealt with faith in this. And that bread sure looks great! Hope it tasted as good as it looks! I hope you can depend on God’s bread (the Bible) to guide you through your current situations!

    Also, I did see your question about curves in LR3. I first learned abt curves using a PSE8 action/tutorial. I noticed LR3 curves is slightly different as far as moving the curve. I haven’t had an opportunity to look into tuts for curves in LR but I flagged your comment and will share anything I find. I could share the tut for PSE, if you wanted to get an idea. If you want to send me your email address I could email you whenever I found something helpful. Sorry it took so long to get back to you!

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