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Edited Green Photo

Well, I guess God responded to my complaints as the last two days have been absolutely beautiful, with much of the snow melting away. I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath as it’s supposed to snow again today and on the weekend, but I’m just going to pretend that’s not going to happen. (Wouldn’t that be nice?)

Despite my complaining, I should be thankful that it’s no longer like this outside:

Since all our memories are now refreshed on how drab the SOOC shot looked like, let’s get to the edits:

  1. I added a high-pass filter with a radius of 40. I then changed the opacity to 30% and the blending mode to linear light.
  2. Added a hue/saturation adjustment layer. Using the little hand (the targeted adjustment tool), I clicked on the green needles (which ended up adjusting the yellow) and moved the cursor around until I reached the desired saturation. I also played around with the hue slider to make it slightly less yellow.
  3. I sharpened using “unsharp mask” under filters–>sharpen with the settings: 120, 1, 3.

Since I didn’t get a chance to play with the artistic brushes last week with my flower, I wanted to today. Apparently to use them you have to make sure that your bit depth is 8 (Image–>mode–>8bits/channel) and your colour space is RGB Color  (Image–>mode–>RGB Color). Interesting to know if it isn’t working properly!

  1. Opened up artistic filters. I ended up adding two layers: One was paint daubs and the other Sumi-e.
  2. I then opened up a hue/saturation adjustment layer and played around with the colours and presets until I found something I thought looked cool.

There you have it – my edits! Please do check out everyone else’s green edits over at Ashley’s blog! 🙂

Just so you know (because I know so many of you were dying to know :P), my photoshop class ended last night – how does 6 weeks go by so quickly? The final exam was incredibly easy as I finished in about 5 minutes – I expected it to be much harder and much longer. I guess that’s what happens when you study too hard as you partially reverted back to engineering course exam studying. haha. Even though, I did give up making notes after a while as I got distracted by making dinner and the desire to look at romantic getaways in warm places. (I blame my counsellor for that – he said that once I’m done dealing with my stuff, Mr. Bean and I should go for a vacation somewhere warm where we can spend some quality time together and not do anything. Immediately, I thought of staying in some kind of secluded resort looking over beautifully clear water in a hammock. I’ve never really had any desire to do that until now and it seems terribly appealing (especially with all the snow in the forecast!). Any suggestions of where to go that wouldn’t break the bank and doesn’t include being around 50 billion people all the time?)

Where would you go on a romantic getaway?


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