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Photo Wednesdays

Since I don’t have any children of my own, any nieces or nephews and Mr. Bean doesn’t like me to take photos of him, I don’t get huge amounts of practise taking pictures of people in my daily life. (You lucky mothers!) So, when I needed to take some portraits for my Photoshop course, I was happy to jump at the chance to take portraits of¬† our friends’ son, A.

One Word Wednesdays: Joyful (Faces)

One Word Wednesday at Aspire

I invited them over to my parent’s house as they have lots of room and lots of light – perfect for taking pictures when it’s chilly outside! It was especially cute how well he and my parent’s dog Lottie got along.

He is such a ham, especially around his blanket.

the long road

You Capture: Body Parts


Who is your favourite photography subject?


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