Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger: The Mommy Bowl

I chose to “adopt” Deanna of The Mommy Bowl in this month’s “Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger” hosted by Lexie of Lexie’s Kitchen. Since I have found Deanna’s blog, I have been inspired to try experimenting in my baking and that following a recipe isn’t always needed. For example, when she makes cookies with her son, they start with a a base measurement of  fat (usually coconut oil) and add appropriate sweeteners and flours based on the consistency and flavours they want – isn’t that cool?  As an added bonus, pretty much all her recipes are gluten free and vegan – perfect for this hesitant to introduce eggs and dairy back into my diet girl. Plus, she uses lots of peanuts, which always goes over very well in the Bean household!

First I made her Kiddo’s killer banana pancakes. Apparently I made them on National Pancake Day – I can pretend that I made them for that purpose, but I really just felt like eating breakfast for dinner. They were really good with fruit and a bit of maple syrup. They were very soft and fluffy but they fell apart easily – most likely due to user error as I had never made a flax egg before and I don’t think that I let it sit for long enough.

Since I’m an overachiever, I wasn’t satisfied with making only one of Deanna’s recipes. Mr. Bean gave me some moose cookie cutters for Christmas and I REALLY wanted to try them out, so I made her Choco Nut Cut Outs. I was also quite excited to try these cookies as I had never used coconut or peanut flour* before! I only made half a recipe as we really don’t need huge amounts of cookies sitting around.

These cookies were very easy to make and turned out really well! Mr. Bean loved them. I had to ask him not to eat them all so I would have some left to take pictures of the next day!

See, as I mentioned in my shapes photography post, fondant cutters make really good cookie cutters!

Have you found a blog recently that has inspired you to try something new?

*I ended up making my own peanut flour by grinding up a bunch of peanuts in our Magic Bullet. I used the remaining peanuts to make peanut butter – yum!


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16 responses to “Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger: The Mommy Bowl

  1. ostranderblog

    I absolutely love the moose cookie cutters, need to get some of those 😉
    I havent had as much time on the blogs with travel this week but I’m still having fun trying out your photo settings! Looking at the Selfie Saturday because while my photos of birds/ turtles/ and flowers are going well. People? Are a blur! Thinking maybe if can get my self portraits down? maybe I can get other people…

    • Taking pictures of people is something I really want to improve on myself! My husband really doesn’t like me taking pictures of him and I don’t have any kids, so it’s difficult to practise. Perhaps the selfie Saturdays might be helpful – thanks for sharing the link! 🙂

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  3. Those all look great. I especially like the pancakes. We are all gluten free at our house. I have some good recipes on my blog too. Lately we have been doing g-free pumpkin-blueberry pancakes. They are so yummy.

  4. Thank you so much for adopting me! Your cookies are super cute and your pancakes look delicious. (They do fall apart some times – I think it partly depends on the size of the banana, as well. Banana is a good binder.)

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  6. Great adoption of Deanna! Both the pancakes and the cookies look great. 🙂 Like everyone else, I love those moose cookies. My sister has moose everything, so those would be a fun surprise for her. I love stars myself … I’m always doodling stars, so those look great to me. 😉


  7. This month’s GF blogger adoption is the first I’ve followed, and it has introduced me to quite a few new bloggers! Needless to say, my list of GF recipes to try has gotten much longer!

  8. mmm yummy.. they all look delicious!

    I’ve never tried experimenting when baking.. I always follow the recipe step by step.. I guess I’m not yet that confident to let loose.. haha.. =p

  9. Those pancakes look great with all that fruit! Yummy!

  10. What a great pancake recipe! This event has been such a great opportunity to meet other gluten free bloggers and try out some terrific recipes.

  11. tastyeatsathome

    These look great! I’ve visited The Mommy Bowl before, but you’ve inspired me to take another look. Great post!

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