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Foto Friday: Shapes

Two years ago, I started to really get into cake decorating. Throughout a bunch of Wilton courses at my local Michaels, I learned how to ice cakes, make borders and flowers and play with fondant. Part of playing with fondant is using cutters to create cut-out shapes that can be used to decorate cakes. Sort of like this:

Or this:

I haven’t decorated cakes in a while – the whole trying not to eat much refined sugar thing doesn’t have me running to make one for myself – but I still have a bunch of cake decorating stuff kicking around, including lots of fondant cutters in various shapes. Fortunately, they also work really well on cookies. 🙂

When I found out that this week’s Foto Friday challenge was “Shapes,” I jumped at the chance to give these cutters another use – as subject matter!

Do you have any hobbies that you haven’t done in a while?

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