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Does This Ever Happen to You?

You know when you’re listening to the radio halfheartedly while doing something only to have a song come on that you’ve never heard before but it speaks to you so much that you find yourself crying? I never thought that I was be one of those people who have big emotional responses to songs until it happened to me. Twice actually. I’m just glad I was at home and not driving or in a public place!

The first one is a song called “Let it Out” by Chris and Conrad. The whole song speaks to when I am right now, especially the chorus:

Let it Out, Let it Out,
Everything you’ve worked so hard to hide,
Let it Out, Let it Out,
Leave it at the cross where Jesus died,
Take off your mask – find peace at last,
For He loves you more that you could ever know.

The second song is “What it Means to be Loved” by Mark Schultz. It’s about his and his wife’s experience when they found out that their unborn baby might not live to be a year old. It’s just the perfect representation of the love parents have for their kids and what I want for my kids when we have them. I guess it just speaks to my some part heart that feels lacking.

Has a song ever affected you before? Which song is it?


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