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Field By Night

I REALLY enjoy taking photos at night – it seems that it’s my latest photography drug of choice (except for the cold and wind factor, but I do it anyways like any addict. haha) Our trip to Field was no exception.

I’m always so fascinated to see what artificial light can do to familiar objects like trees at night. They don’t look nearly as interesting during the day.

But what do I find even more impressive? How the moon lights objects at night.

I felt really blessed and like we had perfect timing as the moon was full and the sky perfectly clear both nights I went out to take photos. Do you know what full moon + snow on mountains equals? Absolute beauty:

As I was shooting down by the tracks on the first night, suddenly things started to get a lot brighter. It startled me as “how could things get any brighter? The moon is out and all the lights around here are already on!” Then it dawned on me: it’s a train!  (Sometimes I have brilliant moments like these.) Fortunately I was far enough away from the tracks for them to not have to blow the horn at me – I’m sure I would have been very popular in Field the next day.

Of course, as is custom in Field, the train stopped to switch drivers, effectively blocking my path back up to our cabin. I was disappointed for a moment as I was getting ridiculously cold, but any excuse to keep shooting pictures is a good one, so I considered it an opportunity. (Plus, I didn’t really fancy having to try climbing over the train cars where they couple as it would probably start moving the moment I step on and freak me out. Probably not the best thing when you’re carrying lots of photography equipment.)

My Foto Friday Submission for Shadows

I was really happy when it started moving again as I was getting bloody cold from the wind and the cold!

When the train had finally passed through – trains always seem so much longer when you’re waiting for them out in the cold – I happily made my way back up to our cabin.

It took me almost 1 1/2 hours to warm up again, but for pictures like these, I’d say its worth it!

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve seen at night?

The photo of the still train has been submitted to this week’s Foto Friday prompt of “Shadows.”

Household6Diva FotoFriday

Do you want to try taking pictures like these? It’s pretty simple as all you need is a tripod and your camera on manual. For most of the pictures, I used ISO 200 – 320, exposure time of 20 – 30 seconds and an aperture of f/7.1. They vary depending on how bright you want your subject to be and how much ambient light there is. If you have any questions about the shooting info of any of these photos, just let me know!


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