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An Interesting Way to Witness to Someone…

While I was at CUPS the other morning, a native american man came up to be and asked if I would like to hear a joke. I said sure.

Him: What do you think Jesus said to the natives before he died on the cross?
Me: What did he say?
Him: Don’t do anything until I return.
Me: That’s not what he said.
Him: It’s supposed to be a joke!

It could be a funny joke given that many patrons who hang out at CUPS are natives who don’t appear to have any other aspirations for life, but itĀ irked me that what he had said was wrong, so I did my best to correct him.

Me: I know, but this is what Jesus said before he died: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” and “It is finished.”

As I was telling him about this, it made me really glad that the last words Jesus said were not full of judgement, anger or pettiness, but instead love, sadness and forgiveness. It made me realized: if Jesus could forgive the people who killed him or aided in his death, surely he will be able to forgive me as well! Or anyone else for that matter!

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