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Hasta La Vista, Lappy

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A paltry six weeks after my hard drive on my laptop died, it died again. It had been having a few issues – freezing up occasionally for a few seconds, but seemed to be working well enough. Of course, until it decided to crash and then wasn’t able to find the drive to boot from.

Like everything that happens, there are always good and bad things associated with a particular situation. As much as I am annoyed and angry about the circumstances, a few positive things are also apparent.

Bad: I feel like I essentially wasted a few hundred dollars on getting my previous hard drive replaced and the data extracted on my laptop.

Bad: I thought that I had backed up my external hard drive just over a week ago, but I found out that it didn’t go anything past November 18th – the program that was supposed to do the automatic back up didn’t work.

Good: My brother-in-law’s friend is really good at extracting data off hard drives, so hopefully I should be able to recover things that should have been backed up but weren’t. (God willing!)

Bad: I thought I lost lots of photos due to the failed back up.

Good: I have a tendency not to delete photos off my memory card until I have handed in the assignment/given people the photos. This meant that I still had all my photos from the Zoo and most of the photos that I had taken for my final assignment! (Thank God for small mercies!)

Lesson Learned: Manually back up things more frequently – programs are not always reliable!

Good: Mr. Bean has a computer that works and is fairly reliable. (Knock on wood)

Annoying: I have to organize/edit photos using Microsoft Picture Manager software on his computer instead of Lightroom – it’s crazy how quickly I became used to using a particular type of software!

Bad: I thought that I had lost both of my Adobe licenses as I was told that each license has to be deactivated from that hard drive/computer before you are allowed to install it on another computer. Since the both licenses were on hard drives that died, I was convinced that I had lost both and that I had wasted $550 on software.

Good: I phoned Adobe and since both licenses were lost in situations that I had no control over, I still have both licenses! (Praise the Lord!)

Good: The lady on the phone said that it was very nice talking to me and that I was very pleasant to listen to. Kind of random, but really nice of her!

Lesson Learned: Nothing beats talking to a real person who actually speaks English when it comes to computer problems. Don’t bother with the “help chats” as they really aren’t that helpful!

Good: I’ve decided to get a new laptop – this time one that is more apt at dealing with large amounts of photos and I will go somewhere that will give me an extended warranty!

Question of the Moment: What kind of laptop should I get?

What kind of laptop do you have and how has it treated you?

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