Daily Archives: November 5, 2010


1. I totally didn’t melt the bottom of our kettle pad thing by turning on the stove element it was sitting on. My kitchen also didn’t fill up with nasty black plastic smoke. (I really need to work on the whole smoke free kitchen thing.)

2. My favourite thing about the Pundit Kitchen website is totally not Vladurday. I don’t find them hilarious for no reason at all.

This is definitely not my favourite and I don’t want you to imagine saying it with a Russian accent:

I also didn’t hang it on the wall of my office on my internship. Not at all.

3. The hard drive on my lappy (laptop) totally did not die. It totally didn’t send me through the stress wringer because I thought I had lost everything. It didn’t take two days to get a new hard drive installed and all the files recovered (Praise the Lord!) onto a new external hard drive where I spent half of the time praying that my photos and other things would be recovered.

4. I totally did not wonder if my Halloween costume was less skimpy that my friend’s because it was so short (short for me anyways. For the record I did end up having more on because her costume was backless. :P)

5. I also totally didn’t ride my bike to the farmer’s market and stuff my pannier bag with 10 lbs of carrots.

What have you totally not done recently?


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