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A Few Firsts

Tonight, I ate pizza and beer for the first time in my life. To most of you gluten-eaters, this is not a huge deal, but it is to me. I haven’t had delivered pizza (that I could eat more than the toppings) since elementary school and I’ve never drank beer before.

The pizza was from Boston Pizza, which is now offering individual gluten free pizzas.

I haven't had one of this plastic tables of my own since I was probably 11.

The beer we found a while ago at the liquor store by our house and I was holding off drinking it until we had something “manly” to eat it with. Well, what’s more manly than beer and pizza? (Well, maybe beer and wings, but I haven’t found any gluten free wings yet.)

I was quite excited to try the full meal deal and see if pizza and beer was all it was cracked out to be.

After I tried it, Mr. Bean asked me how I liked it. Apparently, it was a really mild beer as my reply was: “It tastes like nothing.” Once it started to taste like something, it was okay but pretty bubbly by my non-pop drinking standards. I don’t really have much to compare it to but I probably would have it again as it wasn’t too bitter or too strong. Or perhaps I will be brave and try a different, stronger gluten-free beer. The pizza, on the other hand, I will definitely be having again. 🙂

Have you tried anything new lately?


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