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Birthdays, School and Matters of Importance

Hello? Is anyone there? Even if there isn’t, there are a few things I want to say.

First: Today is my birthday, complete with snow storms, high winds and the return of Mr. Bean from a trip for work. We’re going to go eat gluten-free pizza for dinner and I am terribly excited.

Second: I am ALMOST done school. I have a 30 minute presentation + 15 minutes for questions at 11:30 tomorrow morning that is essentially a defence of our design project. Then I will officially be and EIT (Engineer – in – training.) I have almost scaled the mountain that seemed impossible last September and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

Third: I going on a well deserved vacation in less than a week and I’m very grateful that the volcano has stopped spewing out ash as we’re going across the pond! I have been looking forward to it since we booked in last January.

Fourth: If you haven’t seen any of the parody videos by The Key of Awesome, you are missing out. I’ve been on a listening to Lady Gaga kick lately, so it seems appropriate to share the parody of telephone:

What’s something exciting that’s happening in your life right now?


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