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Iron Ring Cake

Saturday was our Iron Ring Ceremony. Instead of going to the Grad Banquet, a bunch of my friends got together and had our own shindig. So what did that mean? I got to make and bring my own cake. 🙂

I used this gluten-free carrot cake recipe and added some drained crushed pineapple that I had leftover from a previous failed carrot cake attempt. (I did not put nuts or raisins in the cake.) My glutenator friends were surprised that it was gluten-free as it was moist, delicious and had the correct carrot cake texture.

I iced the cake with cream cheese icing and then used fondant for the decorations. The gears were made by using two concentric circles and then a my icing spatula to cut out the “gears.” (A butter knife would work just as well.)

Since I had made and iced the cake the night before, the icing was a bit hard, which meant that the fondant didn’t stick to the icing by itself. So, I used my friend H2O and painted it on the fondant and it stuck quite nicely. See, you don’t need fancy fondant glues – water works just as well!

I’m happy that I got the chance to make this cake as I won’t really have any time until after this semester is over because I’ve got to complete earn my iron ring!


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