Please Learn From Me…

Please learn from me…

… that it is not a good idea to make toast for sandwiches in a toaster that sticks while watching the long program in figure skating as you’ll end up with a kitchen full of smoke and burnt smell that permeates your entire house and cupboards.

… that it is a good idea to put your credit card in the same slot in your wallet that you always do or else you might suffer an almost heart attack/panic attack in your grocery store over how you thought you lost it.

… that it is important to turn the oven to ‘bake’ not ‘broil’ when you want to cook potatoes au-gratin on low heat for an hour because you won’t be left with anything but the same slightly warmer uncooked potatoes.

What can people learn from you?


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7 responses to “Please Learn From Me…

  1. Oh, man. I hate that burned smell!

  2. I think I’ve done these – or something similar!!! The credit card one, though… heart-attack!

    I’ve learned that tartar sauce does NOT make a good marinade, and should not be “cooked” with. (Hey, this was 10 years ago….)

    I’ve learned that “When it rains, it pours” is so very true in all aspects of life….

    I’ve learned that not all “adults” have their stuff together!!

    • Wow, I haven’t had tartar sauce in such a long time, but I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m cooking something that might use it. 🙂 What happened to it when you cooked it?

  3. doreent88

    I warned myself never to walk away while having something over the hot stove. Yikes, burnt potstickers (dumplings) are not a good sight.

  4. Yesterday I learned that when making a comment at a tense office meeting, speak sweetly and kindly. Always.

  5. When I cooked with it, it went rancid!! Oh, it was really really bad!
    I had a George Forman grill, and put it on fish while I “grilled” it. Not good. Condiment only!

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