The Face Plan: Week 3

I seemed to have missed week two due to stress and extreme busy-ness. (Having a midterm and then finding out that the extension you thought you had didn’t exist can do that to a person.) Now that that’s done, I can attempt to return to more regular programming (not that I’m a TV channel or anything.)

Over the last week I’ve had somewhat of a breakout – most likely due to aforementioned stress – but my face seems to have calmed down somewhat. Thankfully. I’m still really hoping that some magic will happen to my face and it will clear up nicely. There are three weeks left in the claimed 6-weeks-to-clear-face claim, so here’s hoping!

Something that I’ve realized in this whole journey is that what you put inside is just as important as what I put on the outside. I know that I have difficulty processing too much fat. If I eat chips, too much cheese or chocolate, fried things, processed fat, etc. it is quite likely that I will have a breakout because of it.

One thing that helps me, other than not eating much processed fat, I take cod liver oil pills everyday. I’m a fan of the pills because eating a spoon full of fish oil every morning doesn’t have much appeal to me. Cod liver oil pills are also a source of omega-3 acids, which can also be very beneficial to your health. 🙂

Do you take any supplements/vitamins to help with your face or another issue?


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3 responses to “The Face Plan: Week 3

  1. Your face is looking pretty good 🙂 I have some trouble with rosacea due to some meds I’m on, and have some success with Prosacea.
    I also take a multivitamin to make sure my A, C, and E are at 100% cause my underlying condition (causing me to take the meds that dry out my face) is a skin condition too – so can’t hurt 🙂
    what product are you using for six weeks?

  2. I am currently trying the “Wonderbar” (seriously). I’m not sure if I like it or not, or if I’m a glutten for punishment. It’s supposed to make your face look perfect and radiant and youthful. The problem lies in that it’s also supposed to take you through a “healing crisis”… so my face has been broken out like I am 13 again for about 2 weeks now. It sucks. Especially considering it wasn’t broken out before. Also, it’s supposed to balance out your skin – but my normally oily/combo skin has been super dry lately too. So much so that I’ve taken to slathering on Cetaphil CREAM on my face at night.
    Since the bar was $40, I’ve decided to give it a real try. Evidently after you go through all that, your skin magically gets better, clearer, and you look wonderful within a month. We’ll see. The bar should last me 4 to 6 weeks, so I’ll use it up and then decide if I’m going to re-order or not. It’s gotten GREAT reviews, but I know that not everything works for everybody.

    If it doesn’t work, I’m going back to Philosophy’s Purity – which is a great cleanser.

    Hope your facial issues get better too!

  3. Rae

    I load up on flaxseeds for the omega3s. I buy them in bulk and then grind about a weeks worth at a time (which I keep in the freezer). I admire you with the cod liver oil! Is it hard to take enough to make a difference?

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