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Happy First Birthday Cake!

My parent’s pastor’s daughter had a celebration for her first birthday on Saturday and I was asked to make a cake. Of course I agreed (when can I pass up the opportunity to make cake?!?) and since I was on pseudo crunch time thanks to lots of work for school,¬† I chose to do something simple.

It’s a far cry from my “Happy Birthday Jesus” cake in terms of complexity, but I still think it’s pretty.

The bow was made of fondant and the rest is raspberry butter cream frosting. I used a “Hot Pink Raspberry Cake” Recipe – I just made GF substitutions for the flour and added an extra egg. The cake itself was pretty moist and a bit spongy thanks to the gelatin in the jello powder. But it was still quite tasty!

Here’s the birthday girl and her mommy – how’s this for a mother/daughter moment?

Have you ever been asked to make a birthday cake for a non family member? How did it turn out?

P.S. It’s a good idea to not let your husband “dress you up” at children’s birthday parties or else you’ll end up looking like this:

Please learn from my mistake and don’t post embarrassing photos of yourself on your blog because of it.


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