The New Mr. Anderson

Since I’m still on somewhat of a baby kick (did it ever end? nope.) I need to announce that our friends had a baby just under a week ago: his name is Anderson.

He is so cute! And tiny! And sweet! And… I should probably stop before I write a 5 paragraph essay with an introduction, conclusion and 3 main arguments. Anyways, what is it about babies that makes your insides melt and make you desperately want one of your own? Erm… Maybe that’s a discussion best left for another day. 🙂

I am so happy that we got to meet him yesterday – I’m looking forward to watching him grow up! Hopefully he won’t have to battle any matrices other than ones in linear algebra or computer programming. (I’ll stop making “The Matrix” references now.)

What’s your favourite thing about newborn babies?


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7 responses to “The New Mr. Anderson

  1. My favorite thing about newborn babies? Well, that list is too long, but I will say their smell….not when they puke or dirty their diapers, but that sweet innocent smell of life.

    Congrats to your friends! Found ya on SITS…I’m gonna take a peek around. 😉


  2. What a cute picture! I loved your matrix references LOL! Stopping by from SITS!

  3. I am not someone who gets all mushy over babies…they don’t make me want to have one, for sure.
    I do like watching their little face and imagine what they see and watch their face glaze over with wonderment at colors and lights and voices.

    That’s an adorable baby!!!

  4. Mr. Anderson is beautiful. At that age it’s hard not to want one.

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

  5. I love the little noises that infants make… stopping by from SITs

  6. Adorable baby! My favorite thing about newborns is how angelic they are sleeping in your arms. Can’t get enough of that.

  7. That is such a cool name! There wasn’t a whole lot I liked about my newborn son because I was so scared. Of course looking back, I wished I had just relaxed more and enjoyed it. It wasn’t as hard as I thought!

    Stopping by to say hello from SITS!

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