Olympic Torch Relay

As I hope all of you know, the Olympics are going to be in Vancouver this February. As part of the hype building process, the olympic torch has been travelling through Canada over the last months. In the last few days, the torch has been travelling through Calgary. It was completely by fluke that I saw the torch not once, but twice today.

I had a dentist appointment downtown this morning, so I was sitting on the train reading a book and I looked up to see the torch being run on an adjacent street. Apparently Calgary Transit did all it could to bring this moment to us.

After my appointment, I headed to the uni, got off the train only to be stopped by a small cheering crowd, a whole bunch of police vehicles and others driving past  making lots of noise.

Then lo and behold! The Olympic torch!

I really didn’t have any plans to go and watch the torch, but I guess they were made for me. Now I feel really excited about the Olympics!

Are you excited about the Olympics?


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15 responses to “Olympic Torch Relay

  1. What an amazing experience to see the Olympic torch… twice!

  2. I am much more excited about the Olympics now – I seen the torch twice as well – once this Saturday in the small town north of Calgary I work in and then yesterday in the small town I grew up in!!! I think it is so cool since I got to see the 1988 torch when I was little!!! Glad you got to be a part of it, even if it wasn’t planned!!!

    • That is so neat that you also got to see the torch twice!

      I have to admit that I am somewhat jealous that you’ve experienced both Olympics in western Canada – I was only a baby in 88! 🙂

  3. Wha??? The Olympics are in Canada? When?
    Just teasing!
    Of course, they’ve started all the promos down here too. I am looking forward to it, especially all the snowboarding and moguls.

    That’s so cool that you got to see the torch TWICE! Very cool

  4. What a great thing to do! Stopping by from SITS!

  5. stopping by from SITS!!! super cool pictures!!!!

  6. That must have been awesome! Sounds like you had a great time. 🙂 Stopping by from SITS.

  7. Very cool…I love the Olympics. Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

  8. Rae

    That is cool.

    I must be a really bad blog reader because for some reason I thought you lived in Vancouver… maybe I didn’t realize you had such long drive to the ocean… or maybe I am just really bad with Canadian geography.

    • I can see why you might have thought that given that I’ve gone to Vancouver Island a lot in the past year. But no, I’m in Calgary, which is about 1000km (620 miles) away from Vancouver. 🙂

  9. what a fun surprise to bump into 🙂

  10. Congrats on seeing the torch – I’m a Canadian ex-pat living in SC so I’ve been following the run… although I have to say that every time I see the torch I think of some of the other things BC is famous for… Stopping by from SITS

  11. thats awesome,lucky you!
    stopping by from SITS

  12. OK, that’s just way too cool!!


  13. How cool to get to see it without even planning for it?!
    Stopping by from SITS

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