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ENGG Week – Hallway Decorations

For ENGG Week, each department must decorate a hallway as to show off their respective theme. I didn’t get any pictures of other department’s hallways (except Mech), but I think our combustamove dance party themed hallway was the best. Not that I’m biased or anything.

We even had stars for our favourite Chem related musicians:

We even had LED Lights stuck to the ceiling :

Yep, I was having fun. 🙂

When the judges came around, we cranked up our tunes and fog machine to make it a true dance party:

…and then we made the judges play drunk DDR.

Have you ever decorated a hallway for something? If so, what was your theme!

P.S. If anyone from the UofC wants to see this hallways themselves, go through the hallways between Engineering A and C block foyers on the main floor.


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