Engg Week Parade

Yesterday was the ENGG Week Parade, where a whole bunch of engineers walk around with costumes, banners and department t-shirts singing songs and chanting – so we’re being incredibly awesome or obnoxious, depending on your point of view.

One of the main purposes of the parade is to head over to Scurfield Hall (the Business School part of the Uni) and create a ruckus while singing the “Engineering Song.” It’s a lot of fun!

Mech (Mechanical Engineering: “Mechiana Jones”) even carried around their ark of the covenant (which was unsurprisingly filled with beer – sssh):

And here’s the crew representing Chem with our “Combustamove Banner.”

Yep, calculators are our bling. Move over Flavor Flav, your clock is so yesterday.

Off to bother a second year class to encourage them to join in on ENGG Week.

Does your school do anything fun for the first week of classes?


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9 responses to “Engg Week Parade

  1. we don’t do anything fun…they just take our money 😦

  2. So wait, what was this? A walk of some kind? Looks interesting 😀

  3. I don’t remember there being anything fun like this in my university years, but then again I was so busy with sports that I might have missed huge events. And seeing as I do my grad school online I havn’t been to any events on that campus either.

    • I think it is pretty easy to miss things unless you make an effort to be involved – I didn’t really do much for ENGG week in my first 3 years of uni because I was too afraid to (and I didn’t want to miss classes.) But I reckon that it is now my last year of undergrad, so I might as well have a bit of fun before things get really crazy again!

  4. Rae

    That looks like so much fun. And we never had anything like it.

  5. Rae

    Oh, and good luck with the semester!

  6. We don’t do anything fun 😦 But that sounds like an awesome idea, and a great way to build a sense of loyalty to the department!

    Stopping by from SITS.

    I hope you have a terrific and blessed Thursday!
    xo, KA

  7. Aw, I miss this from teaching. Enjoy, and great pictures. Each new semester I’d always get excited.

  8. Allison

    thanks for stopping by on my SITS day! I really enjoyed all the comment love, so I’m passing some along! I notice you link to the Pioneer Woman…I LOVE HER@!

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